Fax the order to: 888.480.3884 or This is how to order: For more information, please call our Customer Service at (760) 673-7982 or email us at AssistiveTechnologies@yahoo.com  Welcome to Assistive Technologies Assistive Technologies provides slant board  devices to improve reading, writing and  creative skills for public school and home-  schooled children who suffer from learning  disabilities such as attention deficit disorder,  autism, dyslexia, visual impairments, and  developmental coordination disorders. Our  technologically-designed Reading and Writing  Slant Boards have been proven to enhance  children's awareness in everyday learning and  creative activities where they previously held  little or no interest. Slant boards of this type  are used in school districts throughout  America, and are listed as an approved technology device by the United States Department of  Education.   The slant boards are ergonomically designed to  reduce eye strain, promote better posture and  eye-hand coordination, and limit fatigue  associated with improper body position during  learning activities. Because children with  disabilities are often challenged in their physical  and sensory abilities, the slant boards provide for  enhanced sensory-motor skills, facilitating  awareness and allowing them to connect and  engage more easily with learning activities.  All products sold by Assistive Technologies are  manufactured, produced and distributed in the  United States. Assistive Technologies is a division  of American Outreach Foundation, a California  501(c)3 non-profit organization.   It is never about us. It is always about those who need and deserve our assistance. Copyright © 2014 American Outreach Foundation. All rights reserved.2014 Download our PDF Order Form to open a 30 day Corporate Account Mail check or order form to: Assistive Technologies P.O. Box 2702 Rancho MIrage, CA 92270 Our online store here! Need Assistance? Call customer service at: 760-673-7982 or email us at: AssistiveTechnologies@yahoo.com IS A DIVISION OF THE: Spread the word and like us on Facebook!