Through the Assistive Technologies program,  the American Outreach Foundation provides  tools tailored for occupational therapists that  engage children with learning and  developmental disabilities (i.e. attention  deficit disorder, autism, dyslexia, visual  impairments, and development coordination  disorders, etc.)    These "work stations," called Slanto, are low-  technological devices similar to clipboards.  Slanto is an adjustable slant board that has  been proven to be an educational asset, grasping children's awareness in everyday learning and  creative activities where they previously held little or no interest.   A child with learning/developmental disabilities may find it difficult to express preferences. The originality  and uniqueness of Slanto is that the workable surface is easily adjusted into 14 different slanted  positions for a better experience reading, writing, or in activity based work.   There are many benefits for slanto to be included in the classroom or at home:   Promotes visual motor skills (better placement of shoulder, arm, hand) Provides better support for holding pen/pencil appropriately Creates an easier to reach work surface (keeps paper/material in place) Helps with posture (A higher line of vision promotes an upright posture) Allows visual tracking for reading (Reduces eye strain) Slanto provides an "eye trigger" that offers the flexibility for the child to adjust it, on his/her own, into a  position that feels most comfortable so as to learn autonomously and effectively, in ways that transcend  cultural and language barriers.  All products sold by Assistive Technologies are manufactured, produced and distributed in the U.S.A.  American Outreach Foundation, a California 501(c)3 non-profit organization.   Download our PDF Order Form to open a 30 day Corporate Account Mail check or order form to: Assistive Technologies P.O. Box 2702 Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 Need Assistance? Call customer service at: 760.565.9956 or email us at: For more information, please call Customer Service at 760.565.9956 or email us at Copyright © 2015 American Outreach Foundation. All rights reserved.2015 Enhancing the Learning Experience!